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Wicked RC Traxxas Slash Aluminum Body

Wicked RC Aluminum Body For Traxxas Slash

Have you been looking for a hardcore bashing body for your Traxxas Slash? One that has a tough, yet unique, look? If so, have a look at the Aluminum Bashing Body from Wicked RC. The Traxxas Slash body from Wicked RC is made from 1/16″ thick aluminum and comes as one flat piece. Once in your hands, you fold it to shape, then install on your truck. The Wicked RC body is easy to use, but more importantly, is designed to handle the worst you can throw at it.

* Designed for extreme durability
* Easy to bend tabs
* Windows for interior access
* Front body flares to keep dirt out
* Fits all Traxxas Slash, as well as Traxxas Rustler 4×4
* 100% visually customizable
* Can be painted
* Weight- 0.995 lbs.
* Made in Watertown, South Dakota USA

The Wicked RC Aluminum Body For Traxxas Slash is available right now and is priced right around $50.

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