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Winter Project – Building A Scale Garage with

Some areas of the world are having great weather right now, but other places, like right here in Chicago, aren’t so lucky. In fact, we’ve had a rather long and nasty winter this year, filled with plenty of -5 degree days with a foot (or more!!!) of snow still on the ground.

To help get us through our winter time blues, we got with the good folks over at TheToyz are celebrating their tenth year in business this year, and because they are based in the Pacific Northwest, they know a thing or two about how to rc when the weather stinks for months at a time.

After throwing some ideas around, TheToyz crew decided that doing a full-on Scale Garage build would be a great way to scratch that rc itch in the comfort of our well heated homes. Back in the day, TheToyz was known as the premier place to get hard-to-find micro/mini parts, now days they’ve branched out to carry all sorts of different items, included loads of scale related parts. Along with carrying the hard to find parts that your LHS doesn’t typically stock, they keep on the very tip of new gear, even selling items from small manufacturers that do a lot of custom work on Facebook. Even if you are looking for something completely custom that nobody sells, TheToyz are great at tracking down an option that will work, or at least pointing you in the right direction. Lastly, with TheToyz residing in Auburn Washington, their US location can help eliminate a lot of shipping problems.

Everyone knows that scale garages are “cool” right now, and TheToyz crew talked us through an entire build. From the walls, to the layout, to which items worked well inside, they knew exactly what they were doing. If you should decide to tackle your own scale garage build, here are some tips that we got from the gang over at TheToyz-

* Decide on a theme. This can be one of the hardest parts, but the sky is the limit. You can go for a drift type garage, an off-road garage, or go as wild as you want. It can be spotless, or have a complete underground/trashed look, that is up to you. A scale garage allows you to build your dream on the cheap, so make it exactly how you want it.

* It is better to build slightly too large than too small. As you can see in the pristine example that TheToyz crew built in the pictures, you never know how many scale accessories you are going to end up adding, or how many cars/trucks that you may end up storing in the garage. TheToyz example is sized 35″ x 23″ with 24″ tall walls. This is a good size for showing off a couple of cars while still allowing cool add-ons like the elevated man-cave and various tools.

* For wall/floor construction, hit up your local Lowe’s/Home Depot and pick up some high density press board, then use 1x2s to frame the outside.

* Have fun with it! There are thousands of awesome scale accessories out on the market, spend some time looking for all those perfect items to customize your garage exactly the way you want it.

We would like to thank TheToyz crew for taking some serious time to build their rc garage shown in the pictures (it even has a custom Big Squid wall banner!) and for helping to teach us the ropes of garage building. Before you start your build, please check out the vast selection of Scale Accessories on TheToyz website.

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