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Xpress Xpresso K1

Xpress Xpresso K1

We posted a few days ago that Xpress is making a big comeback. The first car that Xpress is teasing is called the Xpresso K1. What is an Xpresso K1? Well, it is a rear wheel drive tenth scale on-road car that was designed to work with Tamiya WR-02 bodies. It can be run as a normal on-road car, or with a simple change in Ackermann, it can get the high steering angle needed for use as a RWD drifter. A beautiful carbon fiber chassis is used at its core, but it also sports a number of other features-

* Front bulkhead mounted servo
* Standard 12mm wheel hexes
* Adjustable car geometry
* Can be used with long or shorty packs
* 50mm shocks
* Rear universals
* Aluminum motor mount
* Carbon fiber a-arms
* Carbon fiber parallel top deck
* Length- 245mm
* Width- 150mm
* Wheelbase- 170mm

More details are coming soon, until then you can hit up This Link to get some more information on the Xpress website.

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Posted by in New Products on Friday, March 18th, 2016 at 12:10 pm