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XRay 2017 XB8 Buggy

XRay 2017 XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

For all you hardcore off-road racers that have been waiting, XRay has announced full details on the 2017 edition of the XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit. Of course the 2017 version comes with a bunch of upgrades, changes that were made to help improve durability and to reduce lap times. Here are some the highlights-

* Larger volume differentials
* Larger 2.5mm diff pins
* Longer internal diff cross pins
* Re-profiled teeth on internal diff gears
* Lightweight machined outdrives
* Front trailing steering blocks
* Improved geometry Ackermann plates
* More reliable servo saver
* Composite front top deck for more flex
* Improved steering pivot balls to eliminate wheel locking
* Improved brake cam
* Front arms are now more narrow for improved jumping
* Rear arms are now longer for better handling
* Improved weight distribtuion
* New chassis flex adjustments
* Harder clutch shoes

The XRay crew has released a ton of other details and you can find them at This Link.

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