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XRay 2022 X12 Pan Car Kit

XRay 2022 X12 Pan Car Kit

New and ready for the indoor race season is the 2022 X12 Pan Car Kit from XRay. The X12 has been a force in the 1/12th scale class for years, the 2022 version is fully updated and tuned for winning at any level. Check out these updates-

* Two versions – EU and USA
* Adjustable battery mounting system does not require an O-ring or tape
* Solid axle now standard in the EU edition
* Ultra-lightweight steel solid axle for improved drivability
* New lightweight wheel adaptors to reduce rotation mass
* New steel arm brace for increased arm strength
* Wider foam bumper for improved crash protection
* Updated front suspension with adjustable steering lock limiters
* Low profile bushings installed in graphite plates for a lower CG
* 1.0° kingpins included in the US edition for improved drivability

You can use this link to get full details on the XRay X12 Pan Car, or you can Click This Link to read more XRay news on BigSquidRC.


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