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XRay RC 2023 8th XB8E Buggy Kit

XRay 2023 1/8 XB8E Buggy Kit

The news out of XRay today is all about their upcoming 2023 1/8 XB8E Buggy Kit. This electric powered beast has all the modern race technology that you crave. XRay has long been a leader in full-race rc cars and the 2023 version of the XB8E is capable of winning at even the highest levels of competition. Here are the highlights-

* New semi-split bulkheads with quick differential access
* New diff height adjustment through eccentric bushings
* Improved central drivetrain angle and height adjustment
* Redesigned chassis for increased traction via improved chassis flex
* Redesigned front aluminum & rear graphite shock towers
* Reinforced M3/M4 steel shock screws for increased reliability
* Updated aluminum steering plate and servo saver
* Front & rear lower suspension holders with new mounting positions
* Front upper suspension holder matches the new servo saver
* Redesigned wing holder fits the new semi-split rear bulkhead
* Wickerbill rear wing allows for quick downforce adjustments
* Front upper arms set up for optional wings for improved downforce
* New lower front bumper reduces weight
* Improved lower shock absorber ball joints

You can use this link to get full details on the XRay 2023 1/8 XB8E Buggy Kit, or you can Click This Link to get more XRay news on BigSquidRC.


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