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XRay 2023 NT1 Nitro Touring Car Kit

XRay 2023 NT1 Nitro Touring Car Kit

Coming soon from XRay is the 2023 edition of their NT1 Nitro Touring Car Kit. The updated NT1 is more than ready to win at the highest levels of competition. Check out these highlights-

* All-new chassis with narrowed front suspension pivots
* Hard composite suspension arms
* Narrower front and rear suspension holders
* Lower down-stop mounting holders
* All-new front aluminum bulkheads
* Redesigned front upper arm holder features new roll center positions
* Ultra-compact and super lightweight receiver box
* Radio plate with new servo holders
* Servo saver stand with key lock design
* Fuel tube holders for a cleaner look
* Simplified aluminum 2-speed shaft holders
* Optimized pulley collar

You can use this link to get full details on the XRay 2023 NT1 Nitro Touring Car Kit, or you can Click This Link to read more XRay news on BigSquidRC.


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