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XRay 2024 GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit

XRay 2024 1/8 GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit

Just announced by XRay is the 2024 edition of their 1/8 GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit. The GTX8 is a high-end nitro racer designed to win at the highest levels of competition. Check out the highlights on the 2024 edition-

* Complete aluminum front & rear suspension sets
* Front aluminum c-hubs and steering blocks increase overall steering
* Rear aluminum uprights increase stability on- and off-power
* Larger ventilated brake disks significantly improve brake cooling
* Graphite horizontal body backstop set reinforces the rear section of the body

You can use this link to get full details on the XRay 2024 1/8 GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit, or you can Click This Link to get more XRay news on Big Squid.


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