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XRay 2024 X12 Pan Car Kit

XRay 2024 X12 Pan Car Kit

New from XRay is the 2024 edition of their X12 Pan Car Kit. For 2024 the XRay crew made a slew of changes to help make the new X12, the fastest ever. Here are the highlights-

* Two version – USA and EU editions
* 3D printed bumper doesn’t fold or break
* +2mm wider carbon fiber lower arms improve corner speed
* Thinner 2mm side braces increase traction
* Steel side spring retainers create more precise damping
* Longer front bumper support
* Most popular shock & side springs combination included
* Center shock has new geometry for improved on-power steering

Use this link to get full details on the XRay 2024 X12 Pan Car Kit, or Smash This Link to get more XRay news on Big Squid RC.


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Posted by in New Products on Friday, October 27th, 2023 at 11:28 am