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XRay RC RX8E On-Road Kit

XRay RX8E 1/8 On-Road Kit

The electric 1/8th on-road class is one of the fastest in all of rc. The cars have outrageous power, as well as copious amounts of grip. The latest car to enter the class is the RX8E from XRay. The RX8E is based off of XRay’s highly competitive RX8 platform and was designed to put you on the top step of the podium.

* Narrower chassis with new rear end geometry
* Lower rear suspension holders
* Rear suspension steel extension plates
* New rear shock tower & upper arm holders
* Extended rear steel turnbuckles and upper ball joints
* Longer rear pivot balls & narrower inner pivot location
* Solid rear axle shaft with composite pulley
* New front and rear bulkheads
* New anti-roll bar adapters with less play
* New front and rear anti-roll bars

Hit up this link for complete XRay RX8E details, or click Right Here to read more XRay news on BigSquidRC.


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