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XRay T4 2014

XRay T4 2014 Touring Car

XRay T4 2014 Touring Car
When you think of high-end touring cars, the name XRay has to be at the top of the list. Their latest offering, the T4 2014 Edition, has just been announced and it features a slew of upgrades for more traction and improved steering.

* All-new suspension holders
* All-new suspension bushings
* All-new chassis design
* All-new top deck design
* All-new arm design
* All-new smart Suspension Flex Adjustment
* All-new layshaft bulkheads
* All-new motor mount
* All-new aluminum steering plate
* All-new shock spring harnesses

The part number for the XRay T4 2014 is #300020 and you can get more information by hitting This Link.

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