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XRay X1 2018

XRay X1 2018 Formula 1 Kit

Today the new 2018 X1 has been announced by XRay. XRay, long known for high-end race machines, has updated the X1 in numerous ways to help keep you at the top of the podium. Here are some highlights-

* New super narrow chassis
* New steering blocks with improved Ackermann
* Graphite servo holder
* Newly designed graphite side link adapters
* Tweak free pivot brace
* New battery backstop
* New rear link brace
* New shock adapter for fast position changes

To read about all the changes on the X1 simply use This Link to jump on over to XRay’s official website.

Want more XRay news? Find it Right Here on Big Squid.


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Posted by in New Products on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 at 12:22 pm