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XRay 2017 X12 Pan Car

XRay X12 2017 Pan Car

1/12th scale pan cars are well known for being speedy little missiles when raced indoors. To help keep their car at the front of the pack, XRay has introduced the 2017 version of the X12. Refined and designed for the luxury/high-end market, the X12 is said to be easy to drive, easy to work on, and easy to adjust for changing track conditions. Here is the scoop on XRay’s latest 12th scale race machine-

* Premium materials used throughout
* Loads of all new parts that include-

Chassis, 2.5mm for more flex
Rear pod, more narrow design
Rear bulkheads, lower and lighter
Rear wheel hub, more narrow design
Graphite brace, helps reduce tweak
Side tubes, more narrow design
Rear link brace, more narrow design
Rear pod upper plate, more narrow design
Steering blocks & front ball joints, remove excessive play

Those are the highlights on the new X12, you can get a ton more details by following This Link over to XRay’s official website.

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