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XRay XB2 2wd Buggy

XRay XB2 1/10 2wd Buggy

New from the ground up is the XRay XB2 1/10 2wd race buggy. The XB2 isn’t some 4wd converted over to two wheel, it was designed to be XRay’s first pure competition 2wd race buggy. Developed by European XRay racer Martin Bayer, the XB2 should make some big waves in the 2wd race world.

Some of the highlights on the XB2 include-

* Highly versatile chassis for both low & high grip conditions
* Two different versions available- Carpet or Dirt
* The dirt edition comes with a ball diff, while the carpet uses a gear type
* The carpet edition comes with carbon fiber towers, while the dirt uses composite
* The carpet is mid-motor only, while the dirt comes with mid or rear motor set-ups
* The carpet version comes with a front wing and harder plastics
* Multi-flex chassis adjustment
* 2mm 7075 chassis
* Easy diff access
* 3 pad slipper
* CVD drive shafts
* 7075 motor plates

Want to learn more about the XB2? If so, hit up This Link over on the official XRay website.

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