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Xray xb4 2wd

XRay XB4 2wd Buggy Kit

XRay XB4 2wd Buggy Kit
XRay teased their new XB4 2wd buggy a couple of weeks ago, today they released full information. The 2wd buggy class is seemingly filled with new offerings, but no doubt the XRay buggy will be among the best you can buy. Some of its features and specifications include-

* 95% parts compatibility with the XB4 4wd buggy
* Aluminum chassis
* Mid-motor design
* Gear diff (ball diff optional)
* Slipper clutch
* Adjustable servo position
* 3mm carbon fiber towers
* Big bore shocks
* Roll bars included

The part number for the XRay XB4 2wd is #360500 and you can get more information at This Link.

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