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XRay XB8E 2020 8th Electric Buggy

XRay XB8E 2020 1/8 Electric Buggy

Over at XRay they have announced the 2020 version of their 1/8 XB8E electric race buggy. As XRay has done for several years now, they have taken the 19′ edition and given it major updates for the new year. Have a look at just some of the XB8E’s updates for 2020-

* +4mm longer chassis for increased stability
* New more adjustable front shock tower
* Larger spur gear
* Updated roll center position on front tower
* Longer central driveshaft
* Grease lubricated bearings
* IFMAR legal rear wing
* Improved shock bodies

Use this link to get full details on the 2020 XB8E Electric Race Buggy Kit.

What’s in the heck is this? A seriously old school TGIF Mystery Link???


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