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Axial Yeti XL Upgrade Parts

Yeti XL Goodies from Axial Racing

The good guys over at Axial Racing have put out a press release to announce that a bunch of Yeti XL Option Parts are shipping right now for your bashing pleasure. The list of parts includes-

* AX31251 Yeti XL Front Sway Bar Set (Soft, Medium, Firm) $30
* AX31252 Yeti XL Rear Sway Bar Set (Soft, Medium, Firm) $45
* AX31039 Y-480 XL 1/8th Scale Body – .040″ (Clear) $85
* AX31038 Y-480 XL Front Interior Set – .040″ (Clear) $27
* AX31207 Y-480 XL Rear Interior and Number Plates Set – .040″ (Clear) $28
* AX31040 Y-480 XL Helmet Set $15
* AX31254 Yeti XL Steel Turnbuckle Set (4pcs) $25
* AX31263 XL Upper Link Plate Set (Aluminum) (4pcs) $40
* AX31264 XL Lower Link Plate Set (Aluminum) (4pcs) $45
* AX31074 IFD Hex Hub Conversion Set (12mm) (4pcs) $18
* AX31187 Icon Aluminum Shock Body 12×41.5mm (2pcs) $22
* AX31188 Icon Aluminum Shock Body 12×47.5mm (2pcs) $22
* AX31189 Icon Aluminum Shock Body 12x59mm (2pcs) $23
* AX31190 Icon Aluminum Shock Body 12x65mm (2pcs) $23
* AX31191 Icon Shock Cap (12mm) (2pcs) $18
* AX31193 Shock shaft 3x77mm (2pcs) $20

You can hit up This Link over on the Axial website to get full details, or you can Click Right Here to read more Axial news on BigSquidRC.


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