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Yokomo BD8 Touring Car

Yokomo BD8 Touring Car

Yokomo recently won the touring car IFMAR world championship and soon they’ll be releasing the car that pulled it off, the BD8. Expected to start shipping at the end of October, the BD8 will give you the chance to race what the world champ Ronald Völker drives.

The BD8 uses high-end materials from nose to tail. Belt drive is used on the 4wd system and the car as whole was designed to have an ultra low center of gravity. Here are some of its highlights-

* New center aligned front belt
* New, more inboard motor mount
* 22 tooth center pulley
* New servo mount
* Double joint front DCJs
* Big bore, short SLF 2 shocks
* Lightweight graphite plastic parts

To get more details on the BD8 you can hit up This Link on Yokomo’s website or you can Click Right Here for more Yokomo news on BigSquidRC.


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