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Yokomo RWD YD2 On Tour – First Peak!

If you follow professional RC drifting you know that Yokomo‘s YD2 dominated the RWD D1-10 World Champions in Emma last month. This is Yokomo’s first clean sheet RWD chassis, and they aren’t playing catch up. I had the chance to drive a prototype at Kong RC here in Lynwood Wa, and it is eye opening.

This particular prototype is on US tour with Matsuzaki Hayato, 1st place winner, and who just happens to be the designer of both YD Yokomo chassis. It’s hard to split the line between master tuner and chassis engineering but I can say this; the YD2 generates more squat thrust than Juno’s 30 minute rocket burn into Jupiter. Holding the chassis in hand and pinging the throttle, the car squats sharply onto the rear suspension to generate grip.

Steering geometry is very smooth and should please even the most hardcore Formula D fans looking for obscene angle. Rear suspension is standard fare, with gullwing arms like the YD4. A gear transmission is also featured on the Overdose Vacula chassis, though it’s designed as a AWD/CS car out of the box and likely “more than you can afford, pal.”

Perhaps the most refreshing thing to the YD2 is that there’s no gimmicks to the design. No fancy multi-shock systems or high sprung weight shift mounts. Yokomo says the YD2 will be out later this month at your local hobby shop.


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