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Yokomo YD-2TC

Yokomo YD-2TC Touring Car

Is the world ready for a RWD touring car class? The crew at Yokomo think so and have introduced the YD-2TC. In the full scale world, most high performance touring cars are RWD, hence the reason the YD-2TC exists, to bring more realism to a class that could use a breathe of fresh air. Here is the scoop-

* High grip tires included
* New touring car style body
* Aluminum motor mount
* One piece plastic chassis
* High performance oil shocks
* 4 gear sealed transmission
* 190mm RWD touring car
* 4 wheel independent suspension
* Aluminum center steering link
* Gear diff
* Aluminum wheel hexes
* Adjustable battery mount
* 24mm wheels

The Yokomo is expected to start shipping later this month, it has a part number of #MRTC-YD 2, and more details can be found over on Yokomo’s Website.

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