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Yuki Model Karate touch B6 charger

Yuki Model Karate Touch B6 Charger

Chop down the competition with a new Karate Touch B6 battery charger from Yuki Model. The big feature on the Karate is a color touch screen display, which should come in handy for you guys that find chargers hard to use. For power, the Karate can charge at up to 7 amps and has a maximum cell count of 6S Lithium and 15 cell NiMH. AC or DC input power can be used and the Karate can discharge packs at up to 1 amp.

The Karate Touch B6 has a part number of #700215 and more details can be found over on their Official Website.

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Posted by in New Products on Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 at 6:59 pm