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Even More Basher Approved Products!

While we were out at the Short Course Showdown we had a chance to hand out two more Basher Approved ™ awards. It’s always more fun to do these in person, then to just mail them out.

HPI Erik Shauver HPI John Schultz

On the left is Erik Shauver from HPI Racing accepting the award for the HPI Blitz. He was one of the major designers behind the Blitz, and it was pretty cool to meet him, and have a little chat. On the right is John Schultz, also from HPI accepting the award for the HPI Savage XL. Both of these vehicles have really held up to some amazing abuse. We own three Blitz vehicles, and have barely busted a thing on them for months of abuse. The Savage XL is just a beast! Besides being super powerful and fun to drive, it’s really easy to work on, and brings a smile to our face every time we fire it up!

Congrats to HPI on two amazing vehicles.

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Posted by in Basher Approved, HPI Blitz, HPI Racing on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 at 11:13 pm