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THE Cub Report- A Weekly Chest Pounding, Version 10.31.2010

As unbelievable as this may seem, BigSquidRC has elected to renew my contract, ensuring that THE Cub Report will be around for another year. I know this news will be met with many a “Are those guys F’n crazy?”, but there are a few readers out there that get it- a select number that appreciate an alternative look at the rc industry (and lucky for me that BSRC is willing to post it). How wonderful, another 52 weeks I get to stir the pot. 🙂

Makita power tools and Kicker car audio have signed on to sponsor Associated’s rc race team. IMO this is epically huge news. Why? Well, it’s another step towards putting rc into the mainstream. Outside of the industry sponsorship of an rc team is a huge step in professionalism, and most importantly for AE, helps them better their team that is already dominant. Possible uses for the sponsorship cash? More dinero for their pro racers wallets, the ability to send their racers to more events, the ability to dedicate more resources to r & d, and many more. Heck, you might even see dedicated mechanics for the first time, which IMO is the next big step in rc racing. You don’t see Ryan Dungey wrenching on his Suzuki do ya? Or Jeff Gordon on his Chevy? Or Alonzo on his Ferrari? Getting the maximum performance out of a driver does not include wrenching for 80% of the time they are at a track, a drivers job is to concentrate on their driving. Now, if rc racing as a whole could just get their act together. It’s a shame that some spode winning a WGAS race in East Jesus Iowa will get just as much press as one of the full scoot factory guys from AE winning a ROAR nationals title. THAT Needs Fixing.

I hear Brian is finishing up the transmitter shootout as I speak. Also, we are still waiting for our West Mountain amp to arrive so we can finish our 4S Lipo battery shootout. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it shows up any day now.

So we’ve got one of the Horizon Hydrogen Fuel Cell systems in hand. Will a hydrogen fuel cell be sitting in your rc car in the near future? Perhaps so, look for a full review in the coming weeks.

With BigSquidRC being a website dedicated to the bashing culture, we appreciate all products aimed directly at our core audience. While walking the floor at iHobby, I happened to see the new Pro Line Street Fighter short course tires. We all know short course trucks are intended for the dirt, but a whole lot of’em see plenty of street duty. The PL Street Fighters offer superior traction on pavement, and long life, both of which are exactly what a basher is looking for in their tires. For more info on them, click

My favorite German rc racer is Chris Krapp, and he should be yours too. Krapp is super fast, and knows how to wheel a tc. Click HERE to see who he just signed on with.

That’s it for this week ya flaming bunch of rc lunatics. As always, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

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