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Traxxas Might Go Main Stream?

Ok, yea I know they are already the most popular RC company right now, and they sell like a million cars a day (haha.. maybe the big three US motor companies could learn something from these guys), but if you are not into RC already, the odds of you knowing who or what Traxxas is, isn’t good.
So I opened the Sunday paper, started off with the funnies, and then hit the sales papers to see if there is any last minute shopping I need to ask Santa to do. As I was flipping the pages my eyes just about popped out of my head as I flipped to the Pep Boys ad and saw a Traxxas Rustler staring me back in the face! Its listed it at $199, a ‘Hobby-Grade’ radio control, with battery and charger. 3 Models available.
Now Cubby and I have had many conversations on what it would take to help spread the world of RC to more people, and who’s gonna be the first real ‘Walmart’ vehicle. Traxxas is almost always the name mentioned because it just makes sense. Easy to get into, reliable, and cheap. I’m not sure if this was a Traxxas promotion, or if some genius RC fan at Pep Boys thought it would be cool to do, and I am glad to see it done!
Ok, before I get a call from Cubby that he wants his soap box back, I’ll step off and bring it to a end. If you have the money, and you know a young kid in need of a hobby, go get him/her a RC for X-mas! You’ll have a fan for life!

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Posted by in cubby, Traxxas on Monday, December 22nd, 2008 at 10:59 am