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Tips For Bashers

Welcome to the all new Tips For Bashers area. Now don’t worry if you do not consider yourself to be at basher status yet, these tips are for anyone and everyone! If you are new to RC, or a veteran pro, you might find something here useful.
If you have some cool tips that you believe people should know about, please drop me an email! I’d like to see this section start to fill up! As a reward-bonus, if you send me a tip and we use it here I will send you some free stickers! Remember, keep the tips short, to the point, and take pictures if needed, everyone loves pictures.

Portable Ramp Recently Big Squid RC wrote a guest article for our friends over at Hobby Town USA in their online Hobby Outlook magazine. It’s a new design for a portable adjustable ramp. Bill (aka Wrench) did most of the work, I just supervised and did all the typing parts. The article came out great, and the ramp works very well! If you are looking to build a new bash ramp, check out the article.
Head over to the Hobby Outlook site. It’s in issue 2, page 36!
Cheap replacement outdrive springs! – Jeff H.
– Ever loose one of those little outdrive springs? Don’t have another handy?
Here are some tips that might help you out for cheap or in a pinch.
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RC Vehicle Storage! – Brian S.
– Things getting a little disorganized around the garage? Maybe you keep misplacing radios, or can never find the tires for a vehicle when you want to change them, well this tip is for you! It’s a great way to get organized for the garage or if you are doing a little traveling.
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Electric Motor Break-in! – J. Stevens
– Ever wonder how some people get extraordinary life span out of a stock motor and others only get a couple of weeks? Well, it most likely comes down to how well the motor was broken in. One of the best ways to break in a closed endbell motor is to use the water-dip method. Click Here to Read!

A Portable Power Box! – Brian
– A cheap way to have portable power. Great for charging batteries, heating plugs, you name it. We use ours while rc bashing, rc drag racing, at the track, everywhere! If you run electric or nitro, a box like this is a must have.

Single Receiver with Multiple Cars– Brian
– A cheap way to use your good receiver in several cars.