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Radio Shootout

Our 2.4GHz Transmitter Shootout Finished!

2.4 ghz radio In what is sure to be another classic shootout, just like all the other shootouts before it. ( LiPo Shootout 1, LiPo Shootout 2, and the LiPo Charger Shootout,)

The 2.4 GHz shootout is finally here!
We put five newer popular radios to the test! The Futaba 4PKS, Futaba 3PL, Tactic TTX-240, Spektrum DX3S and the Traxxas TQ 2.4!
Thinking about buying a new radio? What 2.4 radio is the best? What one had the best distance? How much do they cost? Which ones have the most features? The answer to these and other questions can all be found in our shootout!
Consider the following pages like a mini review of all the radios you want to know about. Click here to get started!

Update! Now with a page of comments from Cubby on his thoughts!

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